Introducing Fake Rebate Offers!
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Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to report that Verizon Wireless is now offering fake rebates! Use any of Verizon's rebates and never EVER receive them! This offer is limited and I urge you to act fast if you want to get lied to and lose all your money!

But wait there's more! @vzw_customer_support will string you along for months on end telling you more lies so that they don't have to actually give you the rebate even though you clearly qualify and meet all the requirements. You'll be given such an incredible runaround that you will get dizzy and vomit on your computer screen.


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Re: Introducing Fake Rebate Offers!

I am confused ... Verizon tv ads and on the website clearly state "FREE 5G PHONE TO ANY NEW OR EXISTING CUSTOMERS " yet prepaid customers are not included int eh  EVERY customer system . Prepaid  unlimited  customers do not get  free Disney + , prepaid customers  essentially don't exist to Verizon ..I smell a class action