Iphone dual sim verizon wi-fi calling
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I have an iphone 13.  I have Verizon E-Sim.  I have Claro physical sim when i travel in costa rica.  If have my phone on airplane mode and I have Verizon cellular set to on, while in a wifi area, I can receive calls and send text messages.   But when i turn off my air plane mode, I turn on my secondary (claro) cellular sim, i have to set my verizon e-sim cellular to off to prevent incurring any sort of roaming charges.  is there no way to have the verizon cellular service to use the data from the secondary cellular sim so Verizon Wi-Fi calling and text to work?  Pretty annoying to have to go to airplane mode everytime i want to be able to use my verizon number for texting or calling.  The last couple of times i've enabled verizon message app but sometime i don't get short sms.


Re: Iphone dual sim verizon wi-fi calling
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Good day, sidwin516. This is an excellent question. The answer is no. Verizon cannot use data from your other cellular secondary SIM. We offer international service options to use your Verizon phone while traveling outside the United States. Please log in at this link https://www.verizon.com/plans/international/international-travel/trip-planner-tool/ and enter your destination to confirm the available international service options from Verizon.