Is Travel Pass deactivated if I remove the Verizon SIM card ?
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I have an american samsung S20 phone that I got with a Verizon mobile plan (the phone was included)

Now, I currently am in France and Verizon notified me that I could use Travel Pass for 2GB of data and unlimited 4G for only 10$ per day ! (sarcasm). Because i don't intend to go broke, I decided to remove my Verizon SIM card and replace it with a much cheaper, better french mobile plan and everything works fine now.

However, I just got a notification saying that I consumed my 2GB limit so now I am wondering if Travel pass was properly deactivated or not.

Can you please confirm me that by removing the Verizon SIM card and using a french carrier instead, I am not risking to activate Travel Pass ?


Thanks a lot

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Re: Is Travel Pass deactivated if I remove the Verizon SIM card ?
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There are steps that must be taken regarding your device settings to make that transition to another SIM. If you are outside of the United States, please call our Global Network Roaming team by calling 908-559-4899 from an active line. This number is internationally toll-free and available 24 hours a day. -Bobby Johnson