Is a hotspot quota a rolling quota?
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So, we're going to be moving soon.  Our old house, we have fiber.  The new house, there is no option for any high speed other than satellite and cellular.  I work from home.  (I'll make this work even if I'm working from a McDonalds everyday using their hotspot.  This is a nice house... and they are working on getting fiber to the new house within a year or so... think they're in phase 2 of 4 and I think we're phase 4.)  

But, I've been working off my hotspot device for a few days now to just see how well it works for my work stuff and watching how much data I'm using.  I've had multiple days now that I'm using about the same or sometimes less data total than the day before.  So, is the 30 days a rolling 30 days for data usage?

Re: Is a hotspot quota a rolling quota?
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Hello Davidtech! We'd love to clarify this questions for you. The data usage is per cycle, and the cycle date(last day of your data before it starts over) is different depending on the account. You can find out what's your cycle dates on your bill or My Verizon.