Is there a signal strength issue in Champaign IL, since around May 2015?
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We have always been happy with Verizon's coverage and signal strength (it is the reason why we chose Verizon, after bad experiences with other carriers), have been customers for at least 4-5 yrs (have lost count!) and have never had a problem before with signal strength or coverage around town or in our home in Champaign, IL. Zip code 61821.

Since around mid-late May 2015, however, we have noticed a dramatic drop in signal strength and availability in places where we used to have great signal (most significantly, in our home! but also in general around town).  By dramatic, I mean instead of the usual 4G with 3-4 bars, we often have 3G or 1x with one or zero bars. Or if we do have 4G, number of bars is still lower than in the past (2 bars instead of 3-4 seems to be the norm). This drop in signal is happening simultaneously on multiple devices (both my phone, and my wife's, though my phone seems to pick up the weak signal a little better than hers. when she has no bars, I will sometimes have one), which makes me think it is a local tower or signal strength issue rather than an individual phone/sim card issue. I also recently traveled to a different state, and noticed absolutely no signal strength issues there. As soon as I returned home, the problem returned. Has this been reported by others in the area recently, and even if it hasn't, can it be investigated?

We waited to report it for a little while, thinking it might just be a temporary dip or interference in signal strength, but it now seems to be a chronic issue. We have recently experienced more failed send/receive of text messages between us, and incoming calls from both cell and landlines will sometimes go straight to voicemail without ringing. Call quality has also been worse, cutting out and making it difficult to hear others or to make ourselves understood.

Please look into this! The strength of signal and coverage is the reason we have been Verizon customers, but if things don't improve in our area, we might have to switch.  We rely on our cell phones in our home, and if we don't have signal, it is just not safe (all other inconveniences aside).

Thank you!

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Re: Is there a signal strength issue in Champaign IL, since around May 2015?
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I don't recall seeing anyone else post for your same area, but that doesn't mean there isn't an issue. Unfortunately Verizon can't provide any guarantee of service indoors. If you're suddenly experiencing issues it could be that something was built near you, near the tower or anywhere in between.

It sounds like this is happening on multiple Verizon devices? Just want to make sure you shouldn't be troubleshooting your device. Did you download any apps in may? Switch phones? Make any changes?

Re: Is there a signal strength issue in Champaign IL, since around May 2015?
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I do understand how important it is to have service in your area librarianmom! I don't see any issues over here. If it happens to multiple places it may be something going on with your phone.  Do you have a bluetooth connected to your phone? Any cases?

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Re: Is there a signal strength issue in Champaign IL, since around May 2015?

It is 2022 and this is still happening in the same area. Bad signal in the 61821 area. We’ve been living in this area for one year and we have gotten the same answer “we don’t have enough complaints about this area. Why don’t you try your wifi to make calls” i finally got tired of calling for one year in a row and decided to google “what is wrong with Verizon’s service in Champaign IL?” Boom! First link that it shows up leads me straight to a customer complaining anout the same thing 7 years ago!

The problem is not inside my house. Sometimes I have to drive 2 miles east or north to get a signal. The further I go west, it gets worse.

Please be respectful with your customers and fix this issue. Every Verizon customer that comes to this area had been facing the same problem for the past 7 years. Should be enough time to convince you that something is wrong.

Thank you!

Re: Is there a signal strength issue in Champaign IL, since around May 2015?
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