Is this a phishing email?

Early this morning I received an email advising my lines were disconnected and I owe money. On my phone the email looked legit... the site took me to my verizon and the payment screen looked correct (I even had to verify like usual via text to log into my verizon). The only thing that caught my attention that made me pause and not make a payment was Norton graphics verifying security.

I did not make a payment since I haven't made any account changes and my last bill is paid in full (I've been a customer for a month). Customer service chat advises no correspondence were sent to me at the time of the email, and the email was sent to an Outlook alias, not the email I use for my Verizon account. I'm concerned someone else setup an account in my name and I'll be sent to collections. 
When viewed on a computer, the email body is a png image, which makes me suspect it is phishing. Is this a legit email from Verizon? I found conflicting information online. I did forward the email to Verizon's phishing email address, per the suggestion from the customer service chat.

Re: Is this a phishing email?
Customer Service Rep

Hello, being on top of your emails is vital, especially if you are attempting to identify fraudulent content.


Based on the information provided, the email is not legitimate.


For starters are your services interrupted (if the answer is no, that automatically discredits the message)?


When getting communications from Verizon on your account, they will guide you to manage the services through your My Verizon account (it will not direct you to a payment page).


If you are concerned another account is open on your name, you can always contact us through any of the platforms on this link: We will attempt to pull up any service registered under your name.


If you suspect your were a victim of fraud you can do a claim through our Fraud Prevention Portal:


Let us know if this helped.