Issue with Escalation on Trade In - SO SO FRUSTRATED
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I cannot believe how much time I’ve invested in trying to get something honored that your company quoted me on 2 phone upgrades.  NEITHER trade in was valued at the amount quoted both on website and after two HOURS on the phone with the agent.  I’ve not had 3 customer service chats lasting over an hour each, so we are 5 hours in of my WASTED time to try and get your company to honor what you agreed to. 

I’ve been a LONG time Verizon customer, but honesty not much longer.  I’m DONE.  TERRIBLE service.  FIX YOUR PROCESS!!!

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Re: Issue with Escalation on Trade In - SO SO FRUSTRATED
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I totally agree. I traded in my iPhone 8 back in May for a quoted $300. I was told that I have been offered $40 for it.. it was in perfect working condition when returned to Verizon. It's a total rip off. I have spent countless hours with customer service and hardly get a response.

Re: Issue with Escalation on Trade In - SO SO FRUSTRATED
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As a long-time and valued customer, it saddens us to view your feedback. We certainly want to do everything we can to help you and continue to be your wireless service provider.


We've also that you've worked with several of our representatives about the information communicated to you regarding two device upgrades. Verizon takes protecting our customer’s personal and account information very seriously. Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic:



-Robert C.