Issues with Verizon Unlimited

About a month ago my husband & I switched our plan to Verizon unlimited and seriously have had nothing but trouble.  Both phones are Androids if it makes any difference.  The phones randomly will not make outgoing calls with out turning things off and on (wi-fi calling, airplane mode, the phone itself).  His phone is BRAND NEW!!  Our internet connection drops and then starts back up.  The kicker now....last night our power went out, so of course no wi-fi, but you would think the 4g, 5g, whatever would have kicked such luck.  My mother, who lives with us, has a different cellular provider and wouldn't you know, her phone worked just find.  All of these problems seemed to have started when we switched to the unlimited I need to switch back to the cheaper option in order to have our phones work as expected?  Or switch to a whole new carrier?

Re: Issues with Verizon Unlimited
Customer Service Rep

Hello myfriendjunior,


I depend on my service every day and would be concerned too if I were having any problems. We are here to help! Your plan isn't going to impact the signal you are receiving on your devices. Is this problem only happening at a specific location? Are you inside or outside when this happens? If you turn off Wi-Fi, what does it show for signal at the top?