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Just some concerns

I haven't heard from you guys at all... here's the deal.. I also had issues with customer service after purchasing a prepaid verizon card on accident anyways my phone number is [removed].. how come I'm not getting an answer... I wish I woulda just stayed sense in becoming a postpaid customer.... I could have went with the prepaid plan which is cheaper.. here's the thing back about a year ago I was having service issues using prepaid and was told that after an extensive site test that because I was prepaid I wasn't going to receive the service quality being prepaid because there is a only one tower in my area and my house fell into a dead spot.. I was told going postpaid was only thing I could do to fix my issue because as a postpaid customer I would get priority service and during peak times use all available towers for service signal.. as prepaid is qued and after postpaid customers are taken care of, then my request would be allowed to complete... I've been disconnected numerous times after being told that customer services hands are tied when it comes to me purchasing on accident a prepaid service card... for my balance due then told repeatedly by financial services that they could not do nothing only to keep trying and finally find a rep who told me transfering to a customer service supervisor wasn't going to do me no good.. because they could use this as a payment with the statement our hands are tied... he agreed to get me to a supervisor and said he would advise his supervisor of the issue.. when he got back online, to my amazement he asked me for the prepaid refill card number.. then proceeded to get ahold of prepaid and they verified the balance and he proceeded to add the credit to my account... then he had to transfer me to financial services so they could turn my phone on.. this was an argument that even a representative from financial services told me I had to pay a balance of 46 dollars to turn on service.. I said no there is no balance due we argued she said she couldn't do any thing without the payment because only 40 dollars of the credit of 86 dollars had posted to my account.. I asked for supervisor and they took care of everything and my service restored...

My issues:
1.Why is prepaid unlimited cheaper than  postpaid?
2. Why when it states that when you switch to a postpaid account from any other wireless service you get a 150.00 gift card and I'm still not getting answers or my issues taken care of?
3.  Why does prepaid services get prioritized service with someone who pays postpaid, and since I live in a dead spot I was told postpaid is an only option but wasn't approved for service at said time?
4.   Why did it take me so long and arguing with said many people about a mistake I made buying a prepaid card on accident only to be turned away from pay my bill and having my service disconnected numerous times until I got it taken care of in the end and what should be done for my struggles paying my bill when I'm told prepaid is separate from postpaid... and be denied my bill getting paid.. then the first rep that helped me said that if I had the card within 15 days I could go to a verizon store and they would take the card unscratched off...and credit me the service.  Why do I have to drive Inot a corporate store with a card that is obviously scratched off because I wasn't aware I couldn't pay and was instructed to give the card number and pin to a rep I talked to only to be told my card was not activated and to call the original place a purchase which was Walgreens to verify that they've even activated card.  I paid 96.00 for an 86 dollar service credit... awesome... why am I having to go through all this with you guys just to pay my bill on a verizon  branded prepaid services card next to verion branded gift cards?
5. A representative online asked me if I would like to be connected to loyalty to see if they could help me I said sure but instructed to calm in but I didn't have service.  So they instructed me to use my phone I would be directed to customer support.. and they would get me to the loyalty department, or even an account specialist. .. when connected with a financial services rep I was told there is no loyalty department, aND customer care said the same thing?
6.Do you know I was disconnected 2 times I use my phone for business and was traveling and had to take my wife's boost phone which doesn't get service for 2 hours of the trip because I was denied using my prepaid card for payment?
7. What would you think about yourself if you continued on paying for and service that treats you better or worse based on a credit score?  Also even if you pay for your service upfront you get lesser quality service and or no service because your service unlimited and paid for doesn't get the perks of the title postpaid which gives you bouncing off other available let towers to ensure service works anywhere and get priority over someone who pays upfront for that service?
8.  Do you feel like after hearing my issues something should be done to compensate me for this serious problem I have been put through due to your contradicting polivies and infair treatment of paid customers?
9.  Do you think your motto America's best network, etc yadda yadda your holding up to your end of the bargain.  What I mean by this I switched to postpaid hoping the 150 giftcard would offset the 16 dollars more a month for me for a 8 month period?
10.  Shouldnt I have received a definately no or yes or reply to my concerns on the gift card and wold you say that when I told you my problem a rep told me to switch back to prepaid was only way and I would have to pay for my postpaid balance to even be able to keep my number I brought from prepaid in the first place, because I was misled, and forced to switch due to the deadspot in my home area, which postpaid service would solve?
11.  Do you think that after reading this that I was treated fairly and with utmost respect as I do business with my phone as most people do?
I hope my concerns are dealt with In a prompt manner... I'm not gonna sit back and have you guys take advantage of my need for service and quality of service including having service at all times.. and me paying for a service that has caused me a great deal of personal and professionaL stress and serious remorse for my dumb decisions misled by your customer reps.   I seriously have lost money and lost business due to the issues all of which are ones that should have never happened.  If prepaid is the same as postpaid verizon, denying me a promised giftcard, then why the issue with the accidental purchase of a prepaid services card to pay my bill.  Someone please get back to me and I hope someone takes me serious because I'm done wasting my time and money on a business that doesn't care who I am or my concerns and flat out isn't adding up to what they claim
Thanks for your time!
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Re: Just some concerns
Enthusiast - Level 2

I wish I had read the compliants in this forum before I too fell victim to the Verizon bring your own phone $200 Rebate scam. November 2019, I added three lines, bringing two existing I-phones, and purchasing a third I-phone from Verizon after being told by a sales rep that all three would be eligible for the rebate. Well it's now January and after two months of being strung reps promissing that the three rebates were still processing...the rebate center now claims that the rebates are not eligible. This is a classic game of bait and switch, false advertisment, and poor business. I would love to see an attorney form a class action law suit and put the screws to Verizon for doing this to consumers. I strongly encourage everyone that experiences similiar issues to post about it on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and any other platform that they may have access to. Posting only on this site limits the visibility, and we need to bring this shamefull practice of Verizon into the light for the public to know so that they won't fall victim to the scam.