Kuddos to the Phone Representative Shania, 11-18-2021
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I recently bought 4 new devices, which in itself was a debacle.  Finally got that all sorted out and then looking at my billing yesterday and see a charge back on one of my trade-ins plus a new device activation fee for a line that did not get a new device. 

 I called, today 11/18/2021, very frustrated!  Spoke to Shania (probably not spelling this correctly) but she was so kind, professional and helpful!  I appreciate a GREAT service rep, especially in this day and age.  I did the online survey, but did not allow me to type anything.  I was hoping to complete the survey on the phone but was disconnected.  

To the supervisors and administration at Verizon, there needs to be a way for the customer to better communicate regarding your service reps, some are amazing, like Shania and some are not helpful at all.   Before my call today I was ready to check into moving my business elsewhere - Shania saved me as a customer and reminded me there are great people out there who are in the service industry because they do care!

THANK YOU, miss Shania - I do hope someone sees this and you are recognized for your above and beyond exceptional customer service. 

Michelle K

Re: Kuddos to the Phone Representative Shania, 11-18-2021
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We're always happy to take your feed back, please feel free to get back to us in the future!*Cecile