LG Velvet
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The verizon store (that we have been working with for 13 years supplying phones to our medical practice ) convinced my wife to buy an LG Velvet. They 'forgot' to mention that this model was not going to be offered any more or that it was not a 'favored' device... SO, after ONE year... this thousand dollar device is worth about $50 bucks on a trade-in; (my physician wife hated it from day one).

Short story... I will now be moving ALL of our lines to some other company. This process takes sooo much valuable time and effort though that this burns me up. 

For a service that should. be about $9.00 per line, per month, Verizon is charging $55 per line per month plus all the extra fees.  These companies need to eat some of their profits and start taking care of the real customers.