LIED to by customer service rep. Verizon... this is ILLEGAL
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After looking through the community posts, it would appear that this happens repeatedly at verizon and I am absolutely disgusted. 


My husband and I approached a store in Downtown Denver on 16th street mall, and was served by a seemingly nice rep. 


We were extremely clear that we were both on Pay as you go, and very transparent about what we needed and what cost we were willing to pay, to upgrade our iphones to the new ones. 


The rep (who claimed to be a veteran which makes me wonder if that was a lie to gain trust?!) assured us that x amount would be our monthly bills and that we would qualify for a 500 dollar gift card. We were shopping around and decided this was. great deal so because of that gift card we chose verizon over t mobile. 


Fast forward one month, the bill is a lot more than we agreed (which verizon have since fixed after hours and hours on the phone) yet when we try to get the gift card, we are denied because apparently we don't qualify. After spending MORE hours on the phone we are told by half of the people we do qualify yet nobody seems to be able to help us submit? Then the other half tell us we don't qualify. 


We go back into the store and explain the situation and the other store assistants tell us that apparently we have been lied to.


Verizon, I don't know if this is an innocent mix up, or your reps are embellishing in order to make more commission, but this is completely and totally illegal. 

Re: LIED to by customer service rep. Verizon... this is ILLEGAL
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Hello Corey0! We're terribly sorry for the whole ordeal. We're happy to help you, and resolve all your concerns. Please reply to our private note to better assist you.  ~Aaron

Re: LIED to by customer service rep. Verizon... this is ILLEGAL
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Exactly the same thing happened to me back in October. I’m still dealing with it. Has been 7+ precious hours on the phone with Verizon, bill still isn’t correct.