LTE Home was to be disconnected and Verizon accidentally disconnected MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT. Won't address or fix it.

I spent my ENTIRE day on the phone with Verizon trying to get a simple return label for the LTE Home box. I was transferred 4 times and no one knew what the problem was. I finally was connected with someone who told me they just needed to "disconnect the LTE Home device" and then I could be sent the return label. Next thing I know, we were disconnected and my cellular service was off. I tried to log on to MyVerizon from my computer and it told me that my security question answer was wrong, then my zip code was incorrect and then I just no longer had an account and my phone number did not exist. I tried to get through to someone through the useless Verizon chat that kept telling me I needed to log in. I turned my phone off and back on, eventually my cellular service came back. I had a generic "Verizon msg" that stated "we were disconnected and she tried to call back but it went to voicemail" (PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU DISCONNECTED AND DELETED MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT). I called Verizon back and spoke to the most ignorant excuse of a customer service rep who kept cutting me off while speaking and disregarding my concerns about my account. I requested to speak to a supervisor and she asked me "why?" WHY!?!?! "Is there something I am not addressing?" At this point, it's been roughly 5 hours. She asked if she could have her supervisor call me back within 2 hours. I said no, I have children I need to pick up from school and you have wasted my ENTIRE day. I had many things to accomplish, and I simply needed a return label and this is time I will not get back. Eventually I was transferred to the supervisor who "sincerely apologized for the inconvenience this has caused me." and then he also proceed to become extremely rude. He tried to give me the same advise of registering for a new MyVerizon account, which I responded once again that I already did. I have multiple devices on my account. 2 iPhones, an iPad and an Apple watch. It now only shows MY phone and MY number and TELLS ME I AM NOT THE ACCOUNT HOLDER OR MANAGER. He told me "give it 2 hours and he PROMISES it will be fixed." There is no way someone so ignorant in so many ways can be a supervisor. Over four hours later and nothing changed with my account. Not only did they waste my entire day, ruined my account but they will not accept responsibility nor FIX IT. I'm also a registered nurse and I have requested the nurse discount AND PROVED I am an RN since 2017 and it's always "1-2 billing cycles." If my account is not fully recovered and my discounts are not applied, I will be cancelling all Verizon accounts and I will be filing complaints with the Public Service Commission (PSC), Office of Consumer Services, FCC, BBB and the Bureau of Consumer Protection. This is completely unacceptable, especially for the overpriced service Verizon charges.

With all that being said, I would like to thank Stephanie who I spoke to when I first called in the morning. She was very kind and addressed some of the minor concerns and issues immediately before I was transferred to whoever handles the LTE Home services and my account was ultimately disconnected and ruined, and no one can figure out how to fix it.