LTE Signal Network Extender Help

I received a LTE Network Extender back in October and got an Error 7A message when I set it up.  One call into Verizon and a technician had me up and working and everything was great.  Fast forward to the end of December - I had to shut off power and it reset the extender and I started getting the Error 7A again.  I've now received a new extender and after 6 or 7 calls into Verizon and several times being told that technical support would work on it and get back to me (which has not happened).  I really need for this thing to work or I will need to move my service to another provider because I work from home.   I have been with Verizon almost exclusively over the years - short stint with Sprint because of a CEO - and would like to continue using Verizon but customer service and technical support have been nothing but horrible for the last month.  I just don't understand why you can't get me up and running like the original time back in October.  Would putting a 5G device in this area help?   Something needs to be done and I need to be contacted!  

Re: LTE Signal Network Extender Help
Customer Service Rep

we greatly appreciate your loyalty and we want to help you stay by ensuring you are able to remain connected with strong service. I can help troubleshoot and get the device working. Please send a Private Note and we can offer more personalized support.   -Yale