LTE stopped working in my home

I have lived in my home for 6 years.  Last Sunday my LTE stopped working in and around my home.  At first I thought it was my phone because calls either were dropped, failed or connected but the audio did not work.  Now I have determined that the LTE has virtually no signal so the only option is my home wifi.  If I go outside its a little better but still only 1 - 2 bars.  Verizon has been working on it for a week with no word from them.  I am a social worker and the families I work with need to contact me.  I am beyond frustrated.  Verizon chat has been no help - I have a tier 2 work order.  I live in North Brunswick NJ 

Please help!!!! I need my phone to make calls !!!!

Re: LTE stopped working in my home
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear that this has been an issue for you as a customer and we want to make sure you have the service needed. With regard to your issue you mentioned that we were working on the issue in your area already. Is this a ticket that we completed or is this an outage issue for this area?