Lack of coverage area

My wife and I moved to a new area and we started to notice after Covid19 more and more dropped calls and choppy calls and service. We have wifi at home and we are still having trouble holding and keeping calls. A Verizon rep told us that our are had two towers and that we were in a "low range" and needed an extender but would have to buy one. Once we got the extender after several calls and emails we are still having the same calling issues. We've been loyal customers for year and have been trying to escalate this situation to someone above the front line representatives and can't seem to get a call back or anyone else we can reach. We tried the executive relations page and it doesn't allow you to send messages even though it says submit here. All of their submission pages are bogus and you can submit even after you take the time to type the messages and fill in all of the required spaces on the form. I need to be know how to contact them ASAP. It says a lot about the integrity of a company when they try to keep you from easily connecting to those whose job is to support customers.  Please advise. My next step is the BBB, Consumer Protection Agency, and the DOJ in my state. 


Re: Lack of coverage area
Customer Service Rep

This is very concerning to hear, are the devices using wifi calling?