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Over at least the last week+, I have noticed that I completely lose cell service in Upstate NY near Saratoga Springs along I-87 between exits 13-15 and again at times between 15-17. The last couple of days that area has enlarged and this morning there was a 20mile stretch of between my home and office where there was zero service and my phone reported "searching network" or something along those lines.  I posted in my neighborhood Facebook page to ask if anyone else has experienced this and a large number of people have, including one person who had just switched over from AT&T who is now regretting it. Co-workers of mine in Glens Falls NY. Could you please let me know what is going on and when I can expect this to be fixed? This is not acceptable with a large population impacted by this. Thank you in advance.

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I'm sorry about the service issues you've had the past few days vzcommprofileguy. I can understand the frustration of dropping a call or data connection. Cell phone service can fluctuate while you're commuting because you're in motion. How is service at home and at work, and other places where you frequent? What is your zipcode? Is your phone's software up to date?