Learn to Serve Customers, Not Service it
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Dear Verizon,

I am writing in the hopes of you learning to serve your customer instead of servicing them. I just wrapped up what is the most horrendous customer service experience in my life. My family has been a customer for over 15 years and have exchanged over fifty thousand dollars on your services. Unfortunately that will not be the same for the next 15. Last November, I agreed to trade-in for 187 dollars on an iPhone X. However, I did not agree to an 8 month process, multiple trips to the store during a pandemic and over 15 hours on a customer service line to receive the credit. I was told multiple times that "We will get back to you" or "We will re-evaluate your trade-in as we are offering better deals". Not a single time did the customer service reach back out and my last interaction finished with too bad, so sad, this is the contract you agreed to. Going forward, allow your customers to receive your current ongoing deal if they have to call ten times to receive their credit or at least update your contract to include that our trade-in process is extremely time-consuming and frustrating. As for me, I will go find a contract that will buy out the services and a provider that cares about loyalty. 


A non-valued Customer