Leaving Verizon After 22 Years
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I have started exploring leaving Verizon after 22 years, they are the first and only cell phone provider I have had. I now have had one of the worst experiences ever and that is saying a lot as the last few upgrades have been rough but this one was the worst.

I connected through chat, which is their recommended method of communication. The first chat agent (never gives a name or agent number) gave me the information I needed but I had to get the store address. I got back on chat later that evening to finalize what I had started earlier, this new agent (again no name or agent number) now tells me that if she helps me with the upgrade then I have to pay $40. This is after the first agent told me she would charge me $20. This agent explains I have to go online and do it myself, which I do. However, Verizon's site keeps giving me an error, I tried 3x at this point I have put in about 3.5 hours between waiting on chat and the issues with the website (there were many I didn't list every problem I experienced). So now back on chat number 4.

I explain I can't get the website to work can they help, well guess what out of the kindness of their heart they can do it for $20 since the website is giving me trouble, only my word, never validated that I was having trouble. I should have led with that then I wouldn't be 3.5 hours in and 4 chats.

At this point we get the order placed and sent off to the store. I ordered on a Saturday, agent never said anything about a minimum amount of time to pick up the phone. So my 78 year old mother, who wanted to make sure she had enough time to meet with the staff apparently waited one day to long and the order is canceled. 

I get a canceled e-mail on Tuesday night, my mother plans to go Wednesday, so what do I do when I get the canceled e-mail. I get right on chat, what does the agent say oh no your oder isn't canceled I can see it right here. I will even make a note that you called. Fabulous! My mother heads out to get her new phone Wednesday.

She calls me frantic from the store because they told her the phone was canceled. I ask to speak to the sales person who tells me he can certainly help me by giving her a phone and charging me $40 on top of the $20 I have already given Verizon from my original signing to take the phone.

I spend 10 minutes explaining how we got here and that his answer of $40 is unacceptable. He says well there isn't anything he can do because the web and the store are different. What does that even mean, you are Verizon and you are a corporate store. I share my displeasure and speak to his manager who guess what can help me by giving me the phone at $20 activation, EMPOWER your employees this is ridiculous I have to get upset spend all that time and yell at that poor guy when his manager is like no problem I got ya boo! Anyway he explains how he will have to do some adjustment ,whatever give my 78 year old mother a phone please. 

Now comes the really interesting part. I go back on my account and the phone is no longer canceled it is processing ,plus I can see the other phone is purchased. Guess what, yep, your right I am back on chat. The agent tells me there is no cancelled order, I know that it isn't there as canceled as I can see it is processing. We go round and round for about 35 minutes where she tells me at one point she sees my canceled order then no she sees my pending order, she keeps apparently forgetting what she has said to me which is typed above and I keep pointing out her the inconsistencies in her answers. 

I ask her, no lie, 6 times to speak with her supervisor because I want a refund on my canceled/pending order. Why should Verizon be allowed to hold on to my money. She finally agrees, makes me wait 55 minutes, I checked in every 10, to then notify me that I will need to call the 800 number as this would be better handled over the phone. Well they are closed and send me you guessed it back to chat. 

Verizon has gotten smart they no longer allow you to have the chat sent to you because they know their people lie. This way you can't prove it, well this last one I took screen shots of the whole thing. I am sending the dispute through my credit card company and walking away from Verizon.

Re: Leaving Verizon After 22 Years
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Instead of subjecting yourself to the awful lack of service that is T-Maybe, consider buying your phones outside of Verizon. All carriers charge upgrade fees so that isn't going to change with another provider. Sales reps are always going to be shady and hopeless at taking responsibility regardless of the company.

I pay Verizon for service and they provide it. When I need an accessory or new phone, I purchase those elsewhere. 

Re: Leaving Verizon After 22 Years
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Hello, we are sorry to hear that you are preparing to leave after being with us for 22 years. We would appreciate an opportunity to improve your experience with us. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.