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I am a former Unicel customer who became a verizon customer when Unicel was bought out. I have 3 lines on a verizon family plan. I want to leave verizon when 2 of the lines expire in January... the 3rd expires next October. I am willing to continue to keep the 3rd line with verizon until the contract expires, but I'm wondering what kind of plan will it be on since the main 2 lines will no longer be active. I spoke with customer service who were more interested in selling me a whole new plan, for all 3 phones, than answering my questions. I'm leaving mostly because verizon doesn't offer free incoming minutes (most of my calls are incoming) and I'm planning on moving to US Cellular, which does offer that service.


Any idea on how I should handle this transition? TIA

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You'd have to switch the remaining line to a single line plan, the lowest being 39.99 per month.
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Actually, there are a single line Loyalty plans less than $34.99. I think the least expensive is $20 which gets you 100 peak minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes -- but there are no unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. Just call customer service and ask about switching to a loyalty plan.  They will tell you all about the plan features. There is never any contract extension when you change your plan, and you can change your plan every month if you like without any fees.

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I verified my account.

As I stated many times. Do not waste my time , so if you do NOT have authority to offer Credit or get me the Phone I originally purchased. Make certain a manager or person of authority handles this case