Let me tell you why I never finished switching from Tmobile to Verizon


I recently tried to transfer over 6 lines from Tmobile to Verizon.  On 7/25 I was in a chat with a sales rep who was very helpful.  During our chat we covered what I was looking for and she presented quite a few different options.  I finally settled on transferring over a total of 6 lines.  I chose the Play more plan for 5 of the lines and the 6th line was for a flip phone which didn't require data or text (its for a Sr. Citizen).  So prior to moving forward, I asked again to clarify what I was getting for my monthly bill.  This is what I asked - ((6 lines total on the play more unlimited plan, we get 4 new smart phones (2 iPhone Pros and 2 samsung s20 ultras) and a new flip phone. We will bring over a Pixel4 from Tmo. I will have insurance on the iPhones, and the Pixel4. All of this will be 334.41 (+tx) There will be no activation fee and I will also receive $1050 in gift cards. And all I pay tonight is sales tax on the phones...)).  She replied "Correct".  I went on to place the order.  We then started chatting about the difference between what I was seeing in the agreement and what she was quoting me.  Her response was that the system doesn't allow or display any of the discounts and that I would see the discounts after the phones were activated.  I received the phones and its time to activate them.  Before opening any of the packaging, on 7/29, I asked for confirmation on what my monthly bill would be.  The customer service agent told me that it would be in an around $455.  (HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT PAYMENT AND WHAT I WAS QUOTED).  I was in a chat with that customer support agent for over 2 hours that night - only to be given a number to a department that was closed for the day!  When I went back to resume the chat after finding out that the number was to a closed department, there was NO Agent to be found.  Now its the 30th and I contact support again.  After spending ANOTHER 3 hours in chat with them, the closest they could come to the original ($334+tax) quote was $377.  We've all dealt with call centers in the past but this was absolutely UNREAL.  I had to ask at least 4 times for this to be escalated to a Manager.  And after all that, all the Manager did was ask me the SAME questions that I had answered multiple time before.  Even worse, the Manager kept asking me the same questions she herself had already asked.  The whole time all I heard was that they could get my bill to close to what I was quoted.  To top everything off, someone activated a sim card that was delivered to me prior to my approval.  Now one of the lines I was going to bring over to Verizon has neither Verizon service or Tmobile service.  I have to say that this was the worst most frustrating experience I have EVER had with a major company.  I would love to share with @vzwsupport my experience.  I think its would be a great teaching moment.

Re: Let me tell you why I never finished switching from Tmobile to Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for sharing your details with us, Ma4369. It's our hope we can help get things sorted out and cleared up. We'll be sending you a Private Message, so we can go into those details more.