Liability Transfer Issues

• Went to the Verizon for a liability transfer but they said I can only call to switch. I get it done over the phone to then turn around and not be able to make myself account. I end up getting my account locked . I then go to live chat with an agent. They said I have to go in person the next day. I go in person for them to end up calling someone. Waits for almost an hour and we get it fixed for my own account. Then I try to pre order new iPhone, costs $1000 after all the fees. On my moms account it’s never been like that because of course she has credit history with them, I understand that. I just wish someone told me. I was on the phone with them for TWO HOURS to switch it back over and they said I have to switch back in order for it to be lower. They said the transfer back to my moms account MIGHT not happen. Then they hang up on my and never call me back. I am about to cancel my plans with them because that was unprofessional.

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