Lied to about a promotion
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I placed a new order on May 5 for 5 lines to switch from another provider. At that time there was a promotion for a free phone with trade in and additional $200 Verizon gift card rebate. My order was stuck in limbo and did not ship so I had to call customer service. They said they needed to cancel my original order and placed the order via phone with a sales rep. I asked multiple times if I was still getting both promotions and was told yes…

I had several issues with my online account and had to contact customer service.  I also had several issues with Verizon crediting me for my trade ins, Verizon saying a sent a different phone in (which I did not) and not receiving another which I tracked and was received by Verizon. I asked several different representative about my promotions since it was taking so long to resolve my issues because I was afraid the time lapse would effect it and was assured that I would still get those promotions. 

Fast forward to today, July 25 and my issues are still not resolved so I open ANOTHER support ticket for the trade ins. Supposedly the rep fixed the trade ins (even though I have been told this multiple times in the past and the issues were not fixed) so we shall see. I ask the rep how I get my $200 each line rebate and he tells me I am not eligible!!! What????? I request transcripts for my chats where I was assured I was and transcripts from when I ordered and was told I cannot get the transcripts or the promotion. I was also told I can’t cancel after the 30 days without paying full price for the devices!

I was LIED TO AND DEFRAUDED by Verizon and was told by the representative that there is no recourse! This is so completely wrong and I never would’ve switched without the promotions. Now I am stuck with a company that I want no part of because it is acceptable to low to customers to get them to switch!!! I cannot believe this!

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That certainly isn't the start we want you to have with Verizon. That isn't okay and I'm very sorry you've had to deal with that. I'd like to look into this fully and find a solution. I've sent you a private message. Please reply when you can. 



Re: Lied to about a promotion
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I was very loyal Verizon customer, but I was lied and defrauded by Verizon too. I got a trade-in same promotion ($800) via verizon text/website in early 2022. They definitely said I was eligible for the promotion, and after months without bill credit being applied to my bill, now they are saying that they can't apply the promotion to my account as I'm not eligible for that, which is pretty absurd. They did received and confirmed the trade-in promotion/value ($800) of my old phone, but now they refuse to apply for the bill credit. I wouldn't have bought a new phone it if it was not for the promotion. Very disappointing.. I'm looking for an option to escalate the complaint and directly contact Verizon leadership. Maybe you should try the same. Verizon needs to fix this fundamental problem.