Lied to about promotion
  • In September of 2022 Verizon’s had a offer for upgrade iPhone 13  pro on us . I thought it was a good offer so I called and asked about it the sales rep said yes we are running this offer and I can get you setup for it no issues so I took advantage of it and he explained that I would just wait 2 to 3 billing cycles to see the credits applied. So I wait til December and still did not receive any credit so I called Verizon and the agents told me I am not approved for that offer because I recently upgraded my phone a year before that I explained to the agent what the previous agent said and they said I sorry they lied to you but you will still have to pay for the phones you upgrade too. I even spoke with a manager who offer me the option to pay off my old phone so that they could offer me the proper promotion but then they promised to contact me back but never did. I have spoken to 15 reps from Verizon all of them lied except one the all promised to fix the issue but never did I will be contacting the BBB to handle this issue and my lawyer. I really liked Verizon’s but to treat a customer who is paying over 2000 dollars a year for service like this is ridiculous.