Little to No cell service in area

I recently moved to a new house and have little to no cell service in my area. Especially in my neighborhood. We drop calls regularly and often do not receive calls (the caller goes directly to voicemail). If a call comes through the other person can’t hear. Reception is poor to none. Text messaging works minimally or doesn’t work at all.  Our cell phones are our main lines of communication - we do not have a landline. We had no troubles with service at our last home, and we do not want to switch providers, but if we can't fix this we may have to investigate that option. We have been Verizon customers for years and really hate to have to switch providers. We have tried all Verizon suggestions so far but it seems we are in a no service black hole. Is there anything that can be done?

Re: Little to No cell service in area
Customer Service Rep

NSory74, we understand how important it is to have your service working as it should. Please send us a Private Note, so we can assist you here. *Bee