Live Chat is worthless
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This was the worst customer service I've EVER had with an online chat. I had to contact them to get a copy of my purchase agreement from a couple of years ago for my Pixel 3XL for repair issues. After 3 different agents, and all afternoon, I was told I needed to go to the store for this. The first two agents simply vanished after messaging me "let me look into that".  The replies took so long, I had to ask if we were still connected 3-4 times. So after 3 agents, and a couple hours on the phone, I was told to go to the store. Errrrg!

As a reference, the Google live chat was spectacular. An agent assisted me in less than a minute, and ended up sending me higher up the chain. The next agent joined the chat immediately. After just a brief explanation of my problem, I received an email with an RMA number.  If only the Pixel 3XL worked as well as the live chat, lol.

Re: Live Chat is worthless
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Verizon doesn't give their agents the tools they need to do their job and not enough agents to handle customers.

Did you know agents can see agreements, but Verizon doesn't give them the ability to send it to you? Doesn't make sense, does it? Instead the best they have is hope you have a My Verizon account so they can walk you through remotely into finding the receipt yourself and that only goes back 2 years. 

If the CEO can stop lining his pockets for a moment to give agents a basic email ability, you would have had a resolution within minutes. Don't hate the agent, hate the lack of tools Verizon provides.

Re: Live Chat is worthless
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actaw94, we are concerned to hear you may have had less than a stellar experience via chat. Please keep in mind there are many mediums to reach out for support including our Phone Care team and here via Social Media. Please see the link below and let us know if there are any current issues we can assist with.