Live chat doesn't work on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or my Iphone. Support is trying to give my number away and I can't talk to them.
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Verizon has disabled my phone for the last 6 months because I have no way to pay them. My bank cancelled my card because of a "data breach" without telling me and won't ship me a replacement because my address info is incorrect. I can't correct this address over the phone as per my bank's (stupid) policy. I can't go into the bank to change the address because I'm extremely high risk for Coronavirus in multiple ways.


I've tried paying my bill with my girlfriend's card and it's never worked paying my Phone bill for some reason. It works on every other site but here it claims the zip code is incorrect. Verizon is about to give my phone number away and I literally cannot get in touch with a single person. Every "chat now" button I've tried links to a "java script void" script and doesn't actually try to open a chat. On my Iphone, I tried as well and I got closer but it hangs at a loading screen before I actually talk to anybody.

Re: Live chat doesn't work on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or my Iphone.
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We're truly disappointed to learn you are having such trouble reaching us and making a payment, Twitchy4360. It's important you are able to retain your number and get your payment updated. Just to confirm, has your service been disconnected for six months or is the account suspended? Have you attempted to make your payment online here, We can also be reached at 800-922-0204 or *611 and send from your handset.