Locked account

Locked account desperately seeking help from Verizon I have made escalated tickets many of them No one can figure it out they create a new ticket and tell me wait another 48 hours I have seven or eight tickets nobody fixes it when you call Verizon chat with Verizon they make a ticket it’ll be fixed in 48 hours not true.account locked it says your phone number is not registered I’ve been a customer for 20 years it keeps telling me my account is locked I put in my information takes me in a terrible circle very frustrated I really need help account has been locked for three weeks now no one can solve the issue my prepaid account was locked out of frustration I went back to Post pay they can’t fix it either they blame each other prepaid and postpaid but no one helps me I’m desperate to be posting here and seeking help from Verizon please reply I would like to buy a new phone can’t do it my account is locked I would look I would like to look at my account because it’s my account I’ve been a customer for over 20 years can’t do it

Re: Locked account
Customer Service Rep

Oh, no! We hate to hear you keep experiencing Account issues. We would love to troubleshoot this with you, just need you to send a DM to get started.