Long Time Customer - Dropped Calls plus Awful Customer Service
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I’ve been a Verizon customer for over 22 years, and stayed with them because of the coverage but most of all because of the customer service.
The past 4 months, and becoming worse in the past 2 have been AWFUL for dropped calls, missed texts, missed inbound calls, slow/no mobile internet.
I’m in 94558 and this has happened all over the North Bay Area.

What’s worse? I engage with customer service via chat, get an AI bot who doesn’t answer any questions, wants to send me a signal extender (what am I supposed to do, plug it into my car with 12V adapter?!?) and then “broke” when I asked a question after the AI send me an upgrade blurb.
I get a link saying more information is needed. I enter in text. The submit button doesn’t work (tried several times over several browsers)
I click the box to request a call back, and gee! It’s not working. Also tried over a number of days and times.
Someone tell me if I’m going crazy? I know the 5G change is a mess but the last time call quality was this bad, VZ lost a ton of cell tower contracts.

- Apple 8S

Re: Long Time Customer - Dropped Calls plus Awful Customer Service
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Hello! We understand that you hare experiencing a great amount of issues with your services. We are extremely saddened to learn that you are going through this.We would love the opportunity to work with you to get back on a better path. Please send us a Private Message for immediate assistance. We're looking forward to working with you!