Loss of signal bars on Phones (Samsung galaxy & iPhone 13 Pro Max)
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This past week the signal bars on our phones, regardless of brand, are fluctuating from full bars to no bars.  We have always had a strong signal in our area but lately, this is not the case. In other parts of town this is not the case. There is utility work occurring close to the tower. Is this disrupting power to the tower and will it be permanent?

Re: Loss of signal bars on Phones (Samsung galaxy & iPhone 13 Pro Max)
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, mlboscardin. We want you to have an excellent service experience everywhere and always. You mention that some work is being done near a tower and this can certainly impact service while that work is being done. Please note that several factors outside of our control (https://www.verizon.com/support/troubleshooting-wireless-signal-coverage-video/) can impact signal (sometimes greatly) at any given time.


Try to reset the connection to the nearest tower and see if this improves your service. To do this please power the phones off for 2 full minutes, then power it on and call #832 and test for a few hours for improvement. Keep us posted. -Antonio