Lost Trade In by UPS

It has been almost a year that I have been calling Verizon monthly to talk about a trade in device that I sent in June of 2023 and the promo credit has yet to be applied. Every month they would tell me they would adjust the credit, just to turn around and say the device was never actually received. This is infuriating since I did everything I needed to do. I have proof of the tracking number, dates, when I sent the device out etc, and the Verizon representatives have been absolutely no help in resolving this issue. So now i am paying full price for a device that i was promised an $800 credit for that would be taken off of my monthly bill. I still have no solution. 

Re: Lost Trade In by UPS
Customer Service Rep

pglnd, help is here as you deserve some answers. My apologies to hear of this experience. I have sent you a Private Message for assistance