Lost transfer pin; cancel option unresponsive

I generated a transfer pin and used it on one line. I unfortunately was unaware I would need the same pin for a second line and did not save it. Going back to the pin page now has this message- "You've already generated a PIN You recently requested a PIN that is still active until 09:18 AM on 04/16/2022 if you misplaced this PIN or wish to cancel, you can do so below. You can generate a new PIN after your cancel."

Clicking the cancel button leads to a page that says "please wait while we process your request" and loads endlessly. If it does manage to load, it just reloads the same page with the same message and no change I have tried this several times on multiple different browsers and the app but there's no change. There's no error message or any other indicators.

If someone could help me I would appreciate it. 

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Customer Service Rep

@gr3yfxx ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble, but thank you for sharing those helpful steps and other details. From what you had shared, you are definitely using the right path to recover the Transfer PIN. Please be aware that there are only 3 cancelations per 24hr period for this PIN, so please do not retry canceling it any further. So that we can best assist you, we will need to have access to your account first, so kindly send us a Private Note to get started.