Loyal customer no more!
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I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for 13 years now. It seems the past 3 years everything has gone downhill, and it's a steep hill. They have increased prices, such as insurance, and taken away benefits, such as discounts on new phones for current customers. I used to pay off a new device in whole because there was a huge discount if you did, now that is gone too. I have been overbilled numerous times and they can only give me a credit instead of an option for a refund, only to overcharge me again two months later. The excuse the online chat agent gave me was autopay was expired. I didn't get a notice it was expired and had to pay $20 extra because if I turned it back on it wouldn't take effect until next month's bill. The chat agent couldn't tell me why it expired and told me the chat was over when I complained and told them everything they have done wrong in the past couple of years. 

The stores and corporate are not on the same page at all. The stores will tell me one thing and corporate will tell me something completely different. I upgraded from the Pixel 2 to the Note 10+ 2 years ago and made the order online with a chat agent, they told me the phone is waiting for me at my local store. I went in to get it and the employee greeted me with a confused look followed by telling me they don't have any in stock. After explaining to them I placed the order through the chat service and was told the item is here, they told me corporate doesn't see an accurate quantity on their end. Ok? If this is a known issue then why is it still happening??? I had to come back at a future date to get a different color of the same phone but was charged full price even though it was inconvenient for me. When I called corporate to complain, they told me they can't do anything because the stores are privately owned. Suggestion to you Verizon: do something about it! 

About 2 years ago I received a random box with 20 Verizon hotspot devices. What was weird is that it was my name and address on the box but there was a 2nd address with a different person's name in Colorado. Under the 2nd address, it listed my dad's phone number even though he lived in Nevada at the time and wasn't even a Verizon customer and never has been. After checking my bank and Verizon account to make sure I wasn't wrongfully charged, I called Verizon. They asked for the devices back and said I can bring the box into any Verizon store. I went to the one in my area and they refused to take them and said the store in the next town over will take them. That store refused them too. Verizon, if you want your devices back you can come to my house because I'm not wasting another second of my time dealing with it. 

After 13 plus years of being a customer and all of the hair-pulling experiences you put me through, I'm done with you guys. I will be happy to take a lack of cell service if it means getting better customer service. Also, if a representative from Verizon chooses to answer this, don't bother apologizing because it is nothing but an empty apology. I have spent countless amount of hours dealing with your "customer service" and the only thing I got out of it is stress and a strong discontent towards your company.