MHS Customer Service Complaint

I would like to file a complaint for the amount of stress and disappointment I was put through over a defective mobile hot spot.  

Back in June, I went to a Verizon Store (non-corporate) to see what was wrong with my mobile hot spot (MHS) device.  I told the service person that it would continually tell me no data was available and I had only minimal use of it.  This person told me that the problem was that my MHS device was out of data because it shared the data with my mobile phone.  He convinced me to upgrade my data plan and my phone.  However, the same problem persisted with my MHS.  I then went to another store in August (when I realized it wasn't my data plan) again, non-corporate, who told me the problem was my sim card.  So I went to a corporate store, changed the sim card and was tried it out in the store before I left.  The problem was not resolved.  I was then told I would need a new MHS but that they were out and to check back the following week.  While I was there I asked the service person to check to see if I would need to add an international plan since I was going overseas the following week.  I was told that my plan included international and that I didn't need to do anything further.

I went back the following Monday and was told that they didn't have an MHS but would order one for me.  Since this would be a replacement device, once I received the replacement device I would need to mail back the defective one.  I made it clear that I was leaving for an overseas vacation on Thursday and they assured me the device would be overnighted and I would have it on Tuesday.  The package never came.  On Thursday, I contacted Fed Ex and was told the package had been delayed due to Verizon not paying the delivery fee.  Since I was leaving that evening, you can imagine how unhappy and the amount of stress this new development caused.  I called Verizon who told me to go to the nearest store and talk to them so I could exchange the MHS device for one that worked.  I went to the store in Fair Lakes (non-corporate) store and explained the situation.  They were willing to help but since they were not a corporate store, could not offer an exchange.  I called Verizon back and the customer service person I spoke to this time stayed on the phone with me for around an hour to work things out.  Between the customer service person on the phone and the non-corporate store, we managed to find a solution.  However, I would like to report that during this time the Verizon customer service person called a Verizon corporate store in Manassas to see if they would be able to do the exchange and THEY HUNG UP ON HER!!!  

As much as I would like to say that is the end of the story, it is not.  When I touched down at my overseas destination, I needed to call the friend I was meeting for a week long vacation.  Imagine my surprise when my phone call wouldn't go through.  Again, another round of stress.  Basically, we had to email each other to find each other.  Not a pleasant experience.  When we made it to the hotel, I contacted Verizon using your chat online service and was told that the international plan I was assured by your Reston corporate store didn't include overseas only Mexico and Canada.  If I wanted to make calls overseas I would need to pay $100 for international service.  And bonus!  That $100 was per device meaning if I wanted to use the MHS (which I did) I would have to pay an additional $100!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  So now I had to make a choice and since I am not made of endless cash choose to cover my phone.  Meaning, I went through all of that stress for nothing.  By the way, the person on this chat conversation was somewhat condescending in the tone they used.  After all of this stress, misinformation, and disappointment in what I use to believe was stellar service, MY PHONE COULD STILL NOT MAKE CALLS!!!!  I was in a foreign country without the ability to make calls.  Not my friend sitting next to me, not a taxi, nothing.  Explain to me what I was supposed to do in case of an emergency?  Why did I pay $100 for international service that didn't work?  Why should I pay any additional fees that will show up on my next bill?  

Lastly, the package with my replacement MHS device showed up the next day after I had left for my trip.  A few days later I received a text message, "Please return defective device to avoid being charged full retail price, which may exceed $500."  My vacation was 8 days long.  Not only did I return the defective device when I got back, I also returned the replacement device which was just a refurbished device.  After all of that, seeing that I wasn't getting a brand new device just made this whole experience that much more insulting.

Re: MHS Customer Service Complaint
Customer Service Rep

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, rae72. We understand the urgency of this matter and this is not the experience we want for our customers. Your feedback is critical to us and we will use it to improve our processes moving forward. We sent you a Private Note so we can continue working together.