MMS Android Stops Working - 15 minute time out
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The other thread appears to have reached its limit.


What we know:

-Some Android users across multiple phones will be put into a 15 minute MMS timeout where they cannot send or receive any group messages or picture messages for the entirety of the 15 minute time period.

- The cause of this appears to be receiving or sending too many MMS messages in an undefined period of time. Not spam levels, but think ongoing active conversation with a few friends over the course of 15 minutes to an hour. 

- The messages that are supposed to be sending during this time eventually time out, and the MMS messages received show as pending with a spinning circle arrow in each contact's individual text thread. 

- Once the 15 minutes is up, the messages all try to catch up. Some time out and some go through often triggering another 15 minute time out due to the backlog of texts being received and sent in a short amount of time.

- We believe the problem is not local to Verizon necessarily, and may or may not involve MMS messages with iPhone users.

- Verizon engineering denies there is any problem on their end. Many of us have worked with executive level support. They deny any issues, and instead pass the buck off to Google and Android, with whom they refuse to intervene on our behalf for an issue that has been plaguing many of us for upwards of 4 to 5 years. Judging by the number of posts here, it is happening more frequently.

What to do:

- continue trying to report the issue to Google/ Android

- contact executive support by emailing the office of the CEO and reporting your problem and being firm about wanting to find a solution. The hope is that the more people that complain on this level, the more likely they will see it in their best interest to find a solution.