Management on 45 street in Farogo ND

I went there today to see if my changes on line actually happened as the system did not give me a conformation number. Doug is the Manager and checked me in, said it would be 20 to 30 minutes  I said ok as I don't want my phone shut of with a miss communications error.  He helped 3 customers that came in after me I was getting very frustrated and talked to him about that, he said that he can't deal with billing, I sad What? You are a manager and you don't have the abilities to do the things that of the people that you manage? That's not how management works you do what they do and better so you can manage your people, what is this? I have never been in a management role that you don't know how to do the job of thr people in which you manage? I said that he is chery picking the customers for his own gain , the good looking girs over me to get an simple  answer. After over 25 years with Verizon I am very seriously considering leaving and going to Att or T mobile.

Re: Management on 45 street in Farogo ND
Customer Service Rep

This is definitely not news we want to hear and we want you to know that we will definitely take your feedback and lift up the situation in order to be addressed properly. We definitely don't want to lose you as a part of the Verizon family and are here to make sure that your account is updated with the changes you mentioned and also ensure that there are no issues that would cause you to be interrupted. Can you share what changes you were looking to make and any other questions that you have, so we may get you the answers you need? We look forward to turning this experience around and get you the support you need.