March Unlimited Plan $500 Gift Card Promo
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When I signed up for unlimited service in March 2020  I was offered an immediate $50 gift card (which I received) and an additional $500 gift card 6 months after service. The requirement to receive the $500 gift card was that I had to sign up for unlimited, which I did. 

As of today, 7 months after service, no gift card and Verizon customer service cant find any information on it. Why aren’t customer promos listed on their My Verizon somewhere and why do so many people have difficulties getting what they are promised? 

How do I get my promised $500 gift card?

Please advise. 

Re: March Unlimited Plan $500 Gift Card Promo
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Seems to be a big issue recently on here seems they magically lose or can't find record of it or if you filed for it etc 

Re: March Unlimited Plan $500 Gift Card Promo
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that you are provided the correct information regarding your promotional offer. In order to review this more please send us a private message to further review.