Message + sunset to try and force the use of messenger
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I have a new ipad pro and have been a long time customer (over 20 years). and i’ve used message + since it was made, its the ONE app that will let you use your ipad or other devices and an extension of your phone, sending / recieveing calls and texts @ real time. You stop letting it worka nd try to force me to use messenger which belongs to face book to do what message + was doing when facebook is one of the worst companies on the planet when i comes to private information and everything to do with face book at any level has access to many many parts of your personal information it has no business having its a prime example of a company stoping one very useful app to try and force people into using an app that could produce more sells then qaulity of service.  The messenger app has the lowest rating out of all apps every made and for good reason.  This is another terrible decision from verizon and I see no options going forward except to change companies and verizon’s quality of service is now one of the lowest in the nation, their customer service is as terrible as it gets and they are now 4 times more expensive then any company out there.  My main reason for keeping verizon to this point was to continue using my cell phone and text through my ipad so someone please correct me if I am  not understanding this correctly.  Simply stated am I understanding that since message + is being discontinued my only option to have my calls and texts linked to my ipad pro12.9 is to use the privacy violating messenger from face book,  because if this is correct as i am understanding it I believe it is time to just fully switch over to a better provider and use only apple products.  I didnt make this post for haters to hate on so dont bother replying to crit my wording or language only reply if you have a helpful solution other wise keep your wasted rude non helpful comments to yourself.  Thanks.

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