Messages marked sent but not delivered
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Messages between my wife and I are not being delivered when sent a lot of the time. Sometimes it's a few mins. Other times it's hours, and sometimes it's not till the next day . We're obv both on VZ We both use the same messaging app. Her phone is a Motorola G7 Power and mine is a Samsung A51. 

If I tap and hold a msg. that hasn't been marked delivered, it tells me it will try delivering the message when she is back online. When this happens, I will tell her to turn on her mobile data and instantly all of the messages are delivered. This should not be an issue. She should be able to receive and does receive texts from others as well as myself when her data is not on, it's just very sporadic. This information should be enough to tell you the problem is not with the device nor the app nor the operating system. This is clearly a problem on Verizon's and. Please see to it that this message gets moved along up the line so that someone with access to checking into this problem we'll see it. Thank you.

Re: Messages marked sent but not delivered
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jrnyman78, we are here for you to help make sure that your connection with your loved ones is secure. So we can work on this, please send us a Private Note.