Messed me over on a trade in

So I had bought a Z flip 3 on the payment plan. After 5 months the dreaded crease in the fold begun. I contacted Verizon support and they gladly and easily swapped the phone for me. I was told I was getting a brand new replacement. What was mailed to me was a like new refurbished from Verizon. That was fine with me as it seemed to look great. I booted it up once to make sure the screen looked good and it did. I was worried about having the same issue again so I decided I wanted a different phone.

I saw they had a trade promotion where they said if my phone was worth $800. I had to lay the remaining balance of $500 to trade it in though. Which I was fine with. So I pay my balance and send them the like new phone which I didn’t even use. They finally send me a message saying the phone didn’t meet their requirements and they adjusted the trade value from $800 to $245. I don’t understand how they can evaluate a phone to be in like new condition to send it to someone but then suddenly it doesn’t meet their requirements for trade in? That’s over a $500 difference. When I went to my local Verizon store, they were no help and said they don’t know how they come up with those values and adjustments but they couldn’t do anything about it.

I’m so confused and aggravated and I can’t seem to get any help or an answer.

Re: Messed me over on a trade in
Customer Service Rep

Hello @Cpugarelli229 We understand how getting a different trade value can be unexpected. Let's work together and check on the status of the trade and why the value changed. Please meet us in the Private Note that we sent.