Military Discount issues
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Is anyone able to clearly answer the MILITARY discount question?  The discount information states 15% discount.  I applied months ago....

I called last night for information; the rep. stated "You were granted the discount, but it is not applied".

I was told I have a "loyal customer" discount, and then the rep. proceeded to try and sell me a better data plan that would save me a whopping $2.00!

Where does this "loyal customer" discount show on my statement? At this point it appears the Military discount is just bait/false advertising...

Any intelligent answers welcomed.

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You can only have 1 discount at a time. If they say you already have one, ask them to point it out if you can't find it.

I see my discounts under:

My Verizon>My Account>My plans and services

You should also see it on your bill:

My Verizon>My Account>View Bill

Customer Service Rep


First off, thank you for your service. We appreciate all of our veterans and active duty service men and women for their sacrifice on behalf of our country. I definitely know how important it is to save money. It'll be my pleasure to assist you with your military discount inquiry. Military and Employee discounts are available to eligible pricing plans which include More Everything plans of 1GB or higher or older Nationwide plans of 450 minutes or higher. Loyalty and other promotional plans do not qualify for the additional discount since they are already offered at a pricing much lower than the standard pricing for the same plan benefits (for example a $60 2GB loyalty plan with unlimited talk and text versus an $80 2GB More Everything plan with unlimited talk and text). When on a qualifying plan the discount percentage is automatically applied but if on a loyalty of promotional plan the discount percentage is removed until or unless it changes back to a qualifying plan. For more information, please see the following:

I hope this helps.


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I have been notified that our military discount needs to be renewed.  We provided our military retiree id's when we started service.  Now that we have had service for a while no one will help us renew.  The web site says we can use our id's to renew but then won't allow us to submit.  We are both veterans so we don't have military e-mail addresses anymore.  We have gone into the store, spoke to reps on the phone, and still everyone just refers us to a site that won't allow us to input the information.  I don't know what they want for an address for the USAF.  I tried putting in the address from our retiree pay but it give me an error.  Eight hours spent searching calling, going into the store etc.  Thanks for the support for the vets Verizon.  Who needs enemies when such a supportive company says they have your back!

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Please see my discussion titled "Verizon's lies about Military Discounts." I was lied to, manipulated and ultimately left in the same place, just horribly frustrated and angry after Verizon told me about half a dozen different things regarding the military discount. Please, save yourself the trouble and hurt that they would offer this to vets and military service members, make them jump through hoops to get it applied and then give them NOTHING in return.

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I went through all this same issues myself and took awhile before someone was able to explain to me that the single line plan at $60 is not eligible for the discount but the More Everything Plan is. Although not clearly stated (bad on you Verizon!) the single line plan is considered a "loyalty plan" or discounted plan as you may say. So they consider applying a military discount to that plan a double discount, thus not eligible. If you switch over to More Everything and then apply the military discount it does indeed come up to about a $2 or $3 discount. I said to heck with it and just left things the way they were. Didn't want to take a chance of something getting screwed up! When my contract is up though I am now better informed and know what to do. Thank you for service from a Marine veteran here. Semper Fi!

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Verizon is really looking to get into your pocket for more money SHAME ON THEM FOR USING THE "VETERANS" AS BAIT