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So I’m over Verizon wireless! If your military run!  Here’s why! I came to Verizon a few weeks ago! Bought my 14 pro max in full then signed up with Verizon!  I’m an officer of the armed forces with a really high security clearance. They kept asking when, where and why? I kindly told them, I cannot disclose that information! I got orders to leave to an undisclosed location. Called Verizon for 3 days in a row about unlocking my iPhone, they said sure! We got you, no worries your phone will be unlocked in 10 mins! One day passes, nothing, 2 days passed nothing, finally the day of, they tell me my unlock is denied! I said how? Per your military policy you state that within that 60 day lock period( which shouldn’t be, considering I bought my phone to you,paid in full) you’ll unlock it due to deploy! I fit ALL the requirements, yet they tell me on the last day that it’s to protect them from fraud! How? It’s so disrespectful and disgusting that you would be even say that to anyone! My phone should be uunlocked! Verizon you lie to service members! I asked you before I joined would it be an issue, you said no! So if your military, go to Tmobile! Tmobile honors the military! I went to them, paid my phone in full, they unlocked it right then and there! No questions, no rebuttals! Same day! With Verizon, y’all are the most disrespectful service providers ever! Like I said go to Tmobile servicemembers! They honor our service with them! Verizon lie! But I’m not done making noise with verizon! I’m writing to news papers I’m writing to whoever I can for them to uphold they own policy in place by verizon! Oh yeah another thing, they wanted me to suspend my line, I was like why would I do that?  That’s crazy lol. I’m a officer! I can’t do that! Lol. But like I said, the public is not gonna like how verizon does this to military. Run far from verizon if your military! 
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We certainly do not want you to feel this way. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and experience. Please, send us a PM, so we can address all your concerns. 

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