Minimal cellular service, no response from Verizon

We live and work in North Hollywood, California, which is a very urban area only a few blocks from a major freeway.  Historically, our Verizon service has been horrible or non-existent. When we are talking in the car, we have to pull over before we enter the neighborhood otherwise we lose the call. We have complined to Verizon multiple times and alway receive promises that they will have their engineers "look at" the problem, but there has never been any improvement.  It's a dangerous situation, especially since most homes no longer have landlines and people rely on their cell phones for emergencies. 

Re: Minimal cellular service, no response from Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Having service issues can be frustrating and we apologize for this whole ordeal. We would like to take a closer look at your account to better assist you. We've sent you a private message to get started. ~Christian