Minimum Term Contract Fee

I've seen this discussion several places but can't seem to find a true answer.  I purchased my iPhone and paid for it in full.  But now I have a $20 monthly fee for 24 months.  So my plan of paying for the phone in full is going to cost me an additional $280.  

Am I seeing this right?  Does this seem right?  

I'm better off paying for the phone on a monthly basis to ensure that I stick around for 24 months, thus providing Verizon with a known cash flow.

I'm kinda annoyed by this fee.  Has anyone successfully complained and had this fee removed?


Re: Minimum Term Contract Fee
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This fee only exists if you have a 2 year service contract. These do not exist if the phone was indeed purchased outright (which one should honestly do through the manufacturer directly and not a carrier). Only business accounts are still able to have a 2 year contract.

Chances are you didn't truly pay for the phone in full and got it on contract pricing. Again to anyone reading, do NOT purchase your phone through Verizon if you plan to pay it up front. 

Re: Minimum Term Contract Fee
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Hello, jimmydonuts67. There's always going to be a Line Access Fee per line if you don't have an Unlimited Plan with us. The pricing structure is different depending on the plan you have.


If you paid off your phone there should not be a minimum contact fee unless purchased on contract and not with a device payment agreement. Do you have a consumer account with us?