Misleading online information with terrible customer service

When I first transferred my service from Sprint to Verizon back in 2020 I was happy until I wanted to upgrade my Note 20 Ultra 5G once I paid off 50% of the balance. I then started the get a message stating I had to pay off the phone. I called customer service and was put back in the queue by the 1st rep after him telling that he would check on since I purchased the phone when it was new and could upgrade. I was then spoke to a 2nd rep and was told that promotion was only for Iphones and then put on hold a 3rd time. I explained to the female rep what I had already gone through and when I told I wanted her name to file a complaint with corporate because she was trying to force me off the call, she hung up after telling me she did not have to provide me with her name. This is terrible how the website and app misleads their customers with the pay off your device 50% to be eligible to upgrade and then switch it pay off the entire balance and then when a customer questions it the reps are rude.

Re: Misleading online information with terrible customer service
Customer Service Rep

Nervin3 I'm sorry to learn of the way you were treated. You should always have our up most respect. I'm sorry you are not happy right now. However, I want you to know we don't lie. When you see a promotion online it does provide all the details. In addition when you go to process an order, you will be told what you have to pay. Are you still trying to process your order? -Dolores