Misrepresentation by Verizon Wireless in Trade-in

We added effectively added 6th line to the account. I had called before that to complain about Verizon Call Filter not doing its job and I getting 15-20 spam calls / robo calls in a day.  The Rep asked me to change the number and during conversation told that I can remove my line and get a new line and I can get free phone like Samsung S20 FE.  He also suggested if you trade-in you can get S21 or Iphone 12 for less than $300 since traded-in device gets about $800.  So we decided to add one more line with number ported from other carrier, and also got rid of my line and got new line with one more porting of a number.  Thus we effectively got 6th line and two lines with ported numbers have Play More which costs $40 per line instead of $30 on regular line.  We were also told that we have 30 days to change our mind in case we are not satisfied.  In the store we were told that our monthly bill will not bump up more than $40 for 6th line + $20 for Play more on two lines + $20 Insurance on 2 new devices + $23 on each of the devices, thus we were expecting increased bill of $126 but to our surprise the bill was $280 more in the first month after the change and Verizon is saying it will be $180 more than the bill when we had 5 lines with unlimited plan.  We were expecting Verizon giving back whole $800 per traded-in device and not spread that $1600 over 24 months.

That is why we decided to cancel the whole contract within the 30 day period.  We were shocked when Verizon told that they cannot give back the traded-in devices and will charge full amount on the new devices (costing $1200 & $1000).  So, "30 day period for us to try out and get fully satisfied before committing to contract to pay off the two new devices in 24 months", was utter lie if one has a device to trade-in. 

Many must be feeling cheated like us and we need to explore options of complaining to State Service Commission, FCC or start Class Action Suit. 

We were duped before because of error or store representative putting or five lines in two different 55+ accounts instead of one account with all 5 lines because of which we paid $1600 excess in 20 months, that is $80 more per month.