Miss-directed tech help call

After Verizon shut down the 3G network in my area, our 4G  phones cannot connected with a network unless we leave our neighborhood.  Live chat and phone calls with a total of 12 Verizon agents plus a visit to the local Verizon store, all of which has required about 6.5 hours out of my life so far, has yielded no solution and revealed mostly a lack of technical understanding and training on the part of the Verizon agents.  Today, another call to the 611 tech support line was transferred without my initial knowledge to an Asurion sales rep who assured me that he was downloading  the solution to the problem onto my phone while giving me a hard sell for the $25/month Verizon home protection service.   Whatever the rep did, if he did anything at all, did not solve my problem, but  the question here is, is it not fraud for Verizon to use its tech support lines to shunt customers to a sales pitch irrelevant to the support issue that needs to be addressed?  How stupid to think that that is the way to sell extra services when the  company cannot even support basic phone networks.

Re: Miss-directed tech help call
Customer Service Rep

Hey there! We're sorry to hear about the concerns that's come to your attention since the 3G Retirement. This was done to help expand our 4G and 5G coverage and provide much broader coverage. We'd be happy to help however we can though. To begin, please send us a private note. *Kris