Missing Rebates
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We moved 5 lines to Verizon on December 2, 2022.

I was told that I would receive $200 for each line.  No disclaimers, no nothing....  Move your lines, receive a free phone of your choosing for each line, and you will also receive $200 rebate per line.

The original Salesperson that I spoke with was great to work with, and very honest about things.  

She said be patient when it comes to the $200 rebates it can take a month or two for those.  Just be patient.   Well, I've been patient and finally today I decided I needed to find out where my rebates are.  Should have received them by now.

Well, first I came to this website and found out that Verizon has this neat trick they use.  They don't ever inform you that your rebate is available.  Then when you contact them, they tell you that your rebate opportunity has expired.  Glad I knew this before I contacted the company.

Sure enough, they never notified me ( I have been watching my email, SPAM folder, and the Verizon App) .  

Working through the Chat feature on the Verizon Website, I was told sure enough that I was eligible for 5 $200 rebates.  The Rep sent me a code and asked me to attempt to redeem the code on Verizon Website.  What do you think was the message when I attempted to redeem the rebate on Verizon Website?  Sorry, this offer is expired.

The Rep in the Chat says, "not a problem, we just need you to call this number and a "specialist" will help you redeem these 5 rebates.

I call the number and wait 30 minutes on hold.  The new rep on the phone asks me what i need help with and I tell him.  He proceeds to tell me that I am way too late to redeem my rebates.

I dig in and tell him that is unacceptable because Verizon never notified me, how was i supposed to redeem the ofer in a timely fashion?  The Rep puts me on hold for a while and comes back with "Good News".  He tells me that he has 3 of the offers cleared for me, $600 not bad.   I'm sure Tim got a pat on the back for finding a way to only honor $600 of my $1000 I was owed.

My question is what happened with the other two?

He says that my phones that I purchased were not expensive enough to qualify for the offer.  The phones needed to be $699 or above to qualify.  We chose a couple of less expensive models for Seniors in our family.  Remember, all 5 of these phones were FREE, we didn't pay a nickel.  We could have chosen iphone 14s for all 5 of us, but we actually saved Verizon money by taking cheaper phones. 

I have notes from my conversations with multiple sales reps from Verizon and every one of them said $200 rebate per phone.  PERIOD, not qualifiers.  If they had told me that we needed more expensive phones to qualify, i would have ordered more expensive phones.  I wasn't paying anything for the phones.

This is way too long, I won't even bore you with what a NIGHTMARE it was ordering the 5G home internet.

Don't believe or trust anything Verizon tells you.  If you cannot heed my warning and stay away, then make sure you keep notes and stay on them.  

If you search through these boards you will find that they pull this swindle with rebates ALOT!  Im guessing Verizon saves a ton of $$$$ in unpaid rebates.

Guess I should feel lucky that I got $600 of my $1000. 

Although it isn't here yet, of course they told me it may take a week to 10 days before i receive anything....