Mobile hotspot signal drops repeatedly, Samsung Galaxy S5 & new S8

For the past several months, the mobile hotspot connection on my and my wife's Dell laptops keeps dropping on her current and my former Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phones. This problem as continued using my new, month old Galaxy S8 cell phone. We have lived in our home (zip code 34786) for over four years and exclusively relied on a Verizon jetpack and then our Galaxy S5s for home internet (we don't stream video).  Then this past summer, the hotspot internet connection began to repeatedly drop out. The frequency of dropped internet signal has gotten progressively worse regardless of where we have our phones placed in the house. It will drop out after 1-2 minutes of use and continues to drop out repeatedly, not just occasionally but everyday now. Very frustrating since Verizon advertises having the best data coverage in the nation. Windy conditions are worse but we still have the problem with no wind like today. One explanation could be the relocation or discontinuance of a Verizon cell transmission tower serving near my home and zip code. Please Help!

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Verizon Employee

We want to make sure your data speeds and service connection works as needed. I would feel the same if my device was not working as needed. With regard to the device has there been any recent updates on your device? Are there other people in this area having the same issues? Do you have the same issues in other areas?