More problems
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We purchased a new iPhone for  one aline  and  I just noticed it changed our plans on all lines.  

I couldn't buy a new phone because of a glitch in the trade in system. 10 hours of calls and chats later. Back to square one 

I adjusted the plans back to where there were.  But only had 5g as a choice when.  

You better adjust my bill for this period. I lost the Disney bundle. The $13.99 charge needs to be remove from my bill.  One plan bumped from $55 to 60 another from $64.52 to $77.42  I need a credit for both.  As well.   I can direct message the details 

this is the final straw. If we have any more problems I will 100% be putting in a complaint to the bbb fcc and my representatives in congress.  

Re: More problems
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @PatrickL. It is rather odd that your plans changed after placing an order, but I'm glad you were able to catch it in time, and change the plans back. However, just to be sure, we will be sending you a Private Note to review the account with you for any other charges or changes, in just a moment. Please reply there, so we can get started.